Enable log messages

It can be useful to have log messages for your server. It will make you able to see who deleted a message, kicked or banned someone. In this way you can make sure that moderators don't abuse their permissions. To enable log messages you will first of all have to enable the log channel if you haven't done this already. To enable the log channel, you need to execute the /admin command with the Enable or disable a special channel option. You will see a select menu with some options after executing the command. One of these options is the 'Logs channel'. You need to select this option. After selecting the option, you will be asked for the name or id of the channel you'd like to set as the logs channel. After filling in it's name or id, the bot will ask you to confirm the channel. Once you've confirmed the channel, the logs channel is set up.

After you've set up the logs channel, you need to enable the logs messages. This can be done by executing the /admin command with the Enable or disable the log messages option. After executing the command, the logs messages will be enabled or disabled depending on if it was already enabled or disabled. By default the log messages will be enabled.

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