Setting up the verification system

Setting the verification system up

To verify whether someone is a user or not, you can use the verification system. To set the verification system up, you need to execute the /admin command with the Enable or disable verification system option. After executing the command, you can select from a select menu whether you'd like to set up the channel verification or the DM verification. Here you need to select the type of verification system you'd like to set up.

Channel verification

After selecting the channel type, you will be asked which channel you'd like to set as the channel where the members should verify themselves. You can select the channel by filling in the channel it's name or id in the form. After submitting the form, you will be asked to confirm the channel. After confirming the channel, the bot will set up everything. The bot will create a new role, which the unverified members will get so they won't be able to access other channels than the verification channel. When a member joins, the member will see a message in this channel on how the member has to verify themselve. After the member has verified themselve, the unverified role will be removed and the member will have access to all channels again.

DM verification

After selecting the DM verification, everything is set up. When a member joins, the member will get a timeout of a week and if the member doesn't verify within the week, they will get another timeout of a week, until the member verifies themselve. After the member has verified themselve, the timeout will be removed.

Important: Members who have disabled their DM, are unable to verify themselve if the DM verification type has been enabled.

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