Before you start


Before using the bot, you'll need to follow some steps. The most important one is getting a license. Without the license, you're unable to use Zyno Bot. You can request a license by sending a DM on Discord to Luuk#8524 or opening a ticket in this Discord server. After you've requested a license and received it, you can follow the next steps.

Getting your token

You'll need a token for your bot to be able to start your bot. You can get your token by going to Click the 'New Application' button at the right top.

Give your application a name and create your new application.

Go to the bot section of your application and create a bot.

Press the 'Reset Token' button to see your token.

If you have 2FA enabled on your account, you'll need to give an authentication code from your authenticator before you can reset your token. When you've reset your token, you'll see a 'Copy' button. Click this button to copy your bot's token to your clipboard.

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