Reset your bot

You can reset your bot, but notice that you can't undo this action. You can reset your bot by using the console or doing it manually.

Reset with the console

To reset your bot using the console, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open your console

  2. Open the file location using the command cd YOUR FILE LOCATION HERE

  3. Run the command node . reset

  4. You have 30 seconds to abort your action, after the 30 seconds your bot is reset.

Reset manually

  1. Open the folder /node_modules/valuesaver/src/saves and remove every file here.

  2. Open the file /node_modules/valuesaver/src/ids.json and replace the content with []

  3. Replace your current config.json file with a clean one which can be downloaded on one of the marketplaces. Make sure to set activated to true once you start your bot again.

  4. Restart your bot

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